World Cotton Production 2018-19

Cotton is one of the important Agri-commodity in world, the annual production of cotton for year 2018/19 prel. is 119.0 Million Metric Tons which is cultivated under 32.87 Million hectares . With China leading as producer (27.75 MMT) followed by India (26.50 MMT) cultivated under 3.50 Mh & 12.60 Mh of land respectively. Brazil tops in productivity with 1,731 Kg per hectares which was leaded by Australia 1,972 Kg per hectare in 2017/18.

Top producers Prel. 2018/19

According to USDA global 2018/19 cotton production is expected to go down by 4.2 percent from the previous year to 118.5 million bales, as major producers saw decrease excluding China & Brazil. The United States saw a 12.1 percent decrease due to severe storms affecting the crop and dry weather. On the other hand drought approximately halved the Australian production the problem with rainfall also contributed to reduction in Central Asia, India, Pakistan.  

Estimated Changes in World Production, 2018/19 compared with 2017/18

Source: Cotton Outlook, USDA

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