An American seed accelerator Y Combinator funded Urban Kisaan a startup based in the city of pearls Hyderabad.

Started as India’s first walk in farm in 2017.The primary goal of Urban Kisaan is grow plants year around in your house leading to simplest hydroponic systems. Now expanding with a moto of building farms close to over you. Urban Kisaan a hyper local vertical farming company based on the hydroponic farming resulting into 95% water saving as well as 30 times crop per square feet got seed funding from Y Combinator.

According to a report by world bank Indian population projected to rise 1.51 Billion by 2030 and by 2030. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that around 48 million people get sick from eating contaminated food. The unhygienic practices followed while marketing of vegetables leads to contamination by various bacteria.

In recent years many outbreaks of food borne disease have come from contamination of spinach, tomato and lettuce. Hydroponic farming is a unique solution towards growing your own vegetables and fruits without soil and natural light in a small space in an artificial environment.

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Urban Kissan started its journey from the balcony of Dr. Sairam Palicherla scientist and co-founder who is engaged in hydroponic research with Srinivas Chaganti and chartered accountant Vihari Kanukollu towards bringing food as close as possible to people in a transparent way through hydroponics. The a-idea NAARM a technology business incubator incubated Urban kisaan. 

Urban Kisaan developed home hydroponics kits by using NFT channels through which individuals can grow fruits and vegetables by own. The four variants of hydroponic kits offered by the Urban Kisaan i.e 18 plants kit, 24 plants kit, 36 plants kit and 48 plants kit ranging from Rs 15000 to 50000. 

A walk in hyperlocal store located in Jubilee Hills run by Urban Kisaan where you can walk in harvest and pick  fresh vegetables by your hand. Urban Kisaan developed an app through which residents can get free delivery of fresh and highly nutritious vegetables at doorstep.

With a technology led solutions like Urban Kisaan we will able to feed the people and planet in a sustainable way.

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