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The present rate at which the underwater farms are producing foods, this could revolutionize global food production.

What’s amazing about shellfish and seaweeds in terms about food production is that they require zero inputs, so no freshwater, no fertilizer, no land, which makes it one of the most sustainable food on the planet.

On the other hand, zero input food is the emerging climate economy is going to be the most affordable food on the planet. As a result this is just not going to be for premium restaurants, this will be consumed as everyday food at some point of time.

Only 2% of the global food production currently comes from the oceans, yet the oceans cover 70% of our planet.

Imagine an underwater garden, where you have a whole mix of species growing below the surface. Seaweed absorbs carbon dioxide from the ocean. Making the water less acidic and helping ocean life thrive

Globally 85% of the oyster reefs have been lost.

Seaweeds are a nutritious super food, protein rich and versatile. In multi-chain restaurants these are served as noodles, crackers, burgers and much more.

The world needs 50-70% more food by 2050.

But, at present just 7% of fish stocks can withstand more fishing. And livestock farming already produces 15% of global greenhouse gas emission. The problems which we are facing now are gigantic and the solutions available are inadequate. We require more solutions which are scalable.

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If global seaweed production increases by just 14% every year we will be growing 5 Million Tons by 2050. Boosting world supply by 10%.



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