To first know about transforming rural India through Artificial Intelligence, it is important to know about the potential of digital technology and Artificial Intelligence and what it could do to completely transform the lives of these people.

Let us know what rural India is, 6,48,000 Villages, 800 Million People that is larger than most of the nations in the world. But the question is what has rural India go to do with the AI buzzword.

But, what does AI mean? we learn technology but the beauty of AI is that it learns us, it observes us, it looks at the way we are answering questions and then taking that data point, it then anticipates what our answers will be in a certain situation that’s AI in simple terms.

Why this is happening now? Why not 10 years back? Why not 15 Years back? and the reason why Artificial Intelligence time is now is because of 3 main factors coming together.

  1. We’ve harvested data for a period of time.
  2. The advent of cloud technologies with its capacity to process millions of data.
  3. Combining the above two factors using powerful algorithms, AI is born.

But in this increasingly complex world, we face new challenges and sometimes it feels like we’ve reached our limits. Now with the help of intelligent technology, we can achieve more, we can access information that empowers us in new ways, we can see things that we didn’t see before and we can stay on top of what matters the most.

Amplifying Human Ingenuity:

AI is helping to amplify our human ingenuity, opening up exciting new possibilities for how intelligent technology can shape our world.

Imagine if we could do this to 800 Million people. India will rise high if we could bring these 800 Million people to reach their full potential and the potential of these 800 Million People is that 50% of them are youth and they could do amazing things.

So, here are some areas that are of Importance and what AI could do.

Agriculture: In any near time in foreseeable futures we’re still not completely dependent on the latest technologies. The potential to change that landscape with newfound technologies, Soil sensors, Drone technologies, Yield monitoring and mapping, Aerial disease detection in plants.

Precision farming, a lot of areas in India that have a scarcity of water if we could precisely provide water at the right time in right weeks we could still get a great harvest, this is all possible through AI now.

Healthcare: Another very large and important area. A doctor sitting in some city can treat a patient sitting in a village with not even a road through Telemedicine. Tele Ophthalmic Devices, using these it is possible to take all your 36 tests that will exactly tell what your important parametres are and provide you with that information in 5 minutes.

Predictive analysis of diseases, using big data from around social media and cross platforms to predict the spread disease in a particular area. This is what China is doing, predicting the outspread of Coronavirus through AI.

Water: What is the use of such huge advancements in technology if we cannot provide clean drinking water to the rural people. Places where water is really bad, what if IOT based systems could be installed in those water bodies or the water pumps so that you can know what type of water you are drinking and take corrective action.

Education: What if Augmented Artificial Reality-based teaching could be introduced to them. Its a fact that when you supplement your senses with seeing, hearing and touching the experience that it leaves in your mind is far stronger than by learning by traditional way.

What if Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality could allow you to touch and feel the things and learn it that way.

There are many more areas where AI can be implemented and could help people live a better life.



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