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Scientists say 40% of insect species are at risk of extinction. If the current rate of extinction continues, Insects could go extinct within 100 years.

Without Insects, 75% of our crops would be unable to reproduce, as insects are the major pollinators. This will result in wiping out these crops. This would also wipe out the livestock that depend on these crops for fodder.

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Most of the Birds and Amphibians that feed on these insects could also become extinct. And soil would also tend to be less fertile as dead matter would take much longer to decay. Theoretically, scientists believe that insects weigh 17 times more than all the human beings on the planet.

On the basis of natural food chain that support birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals will extinct too. Some insects also contribute in recycling the dead matter like wood and leaves. While carnivorous insects keep crop-eating pests under control. And other insects like bees pollinate the flowers and other plants.

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With an estimated contribution of $200 billion to global food production. Scientists aren’t clear why there is an increase in many deaths of insects. But the major contributors being climate change, pesticides and destruction of habitats are believed to play a major role.

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