Saplings of green love:

Rapid pace of urbanization has led to an equally rapid decline of greenery in Indian cities. The effects of reduced green cover, like high ambient temperatures and increased dust pollution, are getting worse by the year. It has forced citizens, especially in urban areas to take matters into their own hands urban gardening came into existence to flourish the greenery in Indian cities.

A 24 year young Siddhant Bhalinge saw the opportunity to reflorish the greenery in cities.He travelled across Maharashtra to understand landscape and agricultural scenario of India.He found that there is great zeal of farming and huge demand of gardening products and knowledge in urban populace who are disconnected from the soil.

Started in december 2015 in mumbai is an interactive portal for urban farming and gardening which facilitate the urban farming in india by providing all kinds of gardening products,equipment and  knowledge hub everything related to plants by professionals.

Since its launch, the company has seen 200% month-on-month growth in its revenue and 500% hike in its sales. It started to receives nearly 120-150 orders per day from across India.After launch the company got funding of worth 3 crore from Pune based seed company Namdeo Umaji for its expansion and growth plans. successfully clocked 11 crore revenue last year.

The Food Agriculture Organisation (FOA) estimates that India is home to 11 per cent arable land of the world. Currently, the gardening market in India is approximately Rs 5,000 crore, which is much lower when compared to other economies like China.

This presents a huge opportunity,” he said. aims to connect all individuals residing in urban and rural areas to come together and start growing for a healthier future and a greater cause towards the nation,” Mr Bhalinge said. provides a range of products to facilitate gardening.

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Own grown

An initiative taken by for healthier future,The urban populance have their busy and hectic lifestyle but they are having enthusiasm towards the gardening.Own grown help them if they wish for the home garden and enough space.The company schedule a visit to your home and not only setup the garden of your wish but also look after your plants through weekly checkups by experts you just have to pick fresh organic nutritious farmpick to consume

Currently operates in various metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore,Calcutta,Chennai, Hyderabad and tier two cities also. It also catering demand of gardeners with the help of various e-commerce platforms like amazon and flipkart.

Come, let’s join hands to create green spaces that speak volumes about your love for gardening will not only help you grow your own food, but will also assist in creating a greener India