Resource to Root, Ramthal : World’s Largest Micro Irrigation Project

Thousands have lived without love, Not one without water

Ramthal is a village located in Hungund Taluk, Bagalkot district of Karnataka in India. The area was suffering from a water crisis, in 2005 Karnataka government decides to combat water crisis by utilizing available water efficiently through a lift and micro irrigation project.

The project is based on unique concept of community based integrated micro irrigation initiated by Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam LTD. Under this project water is delivered directly using 2150 Km HDPE / PVC pipe network.

To irrigate 24 thousand hectares benefiting more than 15 thousand farmers.

The project is divided into east (12300 Ha) and west (11700 Ha) parts. The water from Krishna river is lifted from Narayanpur reservoir and floated to Ramthal sump and then it distributed through pipe network with modern automation system to farms.

The farmers can regulate irrigation in their farm using technology through mobile phones. The drip irrigation project is completed by two prestigious drip irrigation companies Netafim Irrigation India Pvt.Ltd and Jain Irrigation System Ltd.

The project achieved a great success by

  1. Doubling Irrigation Area
  2. Doubling income and higher profit
  3. Assured water for two crop season
  4. Energy saving up to 50%

India needs more Ramthal to combat the agrarian crises and it is possible through Public Private partnership model let’s make agriculture more sustainable through

Per drop more crop