Matching Seed with shelf demand AIbono – Vivek Rakjumar

“A journey from solo start in Nilgiri hills of westen ghat to catering 400 farmers and more than 250 retailers always full of challenges and enthusiasm.”

Started in 2014 Aibono Smart Farming Private Ltd runs a  company driven by precision farming and artificial intelligence as a India’s first fresh food aggregate platform.

Albino leased first farm in Nilgiri hills started cultivation as demo plat and after trails it got increased yield up to 1.8 times more than the average yield.It is a efforts of Vivek Rajkumar, techie graduated from IIT Madras that aggregated farmers and retailers.

Business Model

The Albono works on real time supply for the real time demand.According to the founder of AIBono Vivek Rajkumar Indian agriculture have two major problems low yield and less price realization and it can be mitigated by the use of precision farming.

A fresh food market is predictable we can predict consumption of food according to weekdays,weekends and festivals etc.The fresh food i.e highly perishable exotic vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, celety, parsley’ zucchini and rosemary generally have a crop cycle of 60 days and it does not follow any season based planting you can plant every week i.e 52 batches in a year.

Farmer sources the seedlings in batches from the nursery tied with Aibono the supervision is done by agri-graduates to give technical support and produce is sold to retailers at a market price at retailers end. AIbino uses predictive algorithms to aggregate demand from more than 300 Bengaluru based retailers and make the farmer to plant in the same ratio. Aibino delivers super fresh,super reliable and super traceable produce just in time.

Aibono as a platform provides solutions on what to apply on a day-to-day basis in farm ecosystem.It has information on weather data,pest threshold levels and more than 150 farm variable live.Farmers operating on Aibono platform have seen their yield go up to 1.8-2 times.

Fresh food 4.0

It is big unoccupied space i.e 40% of entire retail market in India, larger than FMCG, E-commerce food delivery sectors put together. Fresh food ecosystem is $ 250 Mn market.Recently AIbono has received $2.5 Million ( Rs.14.47 crore ) funding by Menterra Venture Advisers.

 Although small farmers can not access the precision farming as a indian land is fragmented but we can do digital consolidation of landholding in the country. We need strong support from the government to provide strong agrarian ecosystem that helps startups like AIbono to consolidate the fragmented land holding digitally and hope that it will bring a Fourth Revolution in creation, consumption and distribution of fresh food.

Thank you and best wishes for the journey of AIbono towards serving super fresh fruits and vegetables to hungry mouths.