It is quiet a good thing to see the Governments are now realizing the Adverse effects of deforestation and taking preventive measures.

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A recent report by NASA shows that nearly one third of the planets green cover is in India and China. The data reveals that the world is literally a greener place than it was before 20 years ago. Ever since 2000, the planet gained the green cover equivalent to the Amazon Rainforest.

An estimated, 25% of the new green cover is in china alone. China Targets 38% of its land to be green by 2035. In 2018, China started planting trees with an aim to cover an area the size of Ireland.

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While India broke a record in 2017, by planting trees more than 66 million in 12 hours. According to the report, field crops contribute the most to new greenery. According to United Nations, the country needs to feed 1.5 billion people by 2030.

The amount of greenery is being measures by satellites for decades. The satellite images shows the planets leaf area has increased by 5%. That’s an estimated extra 5 million sqkm of leaves.

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The warm and wetter climate resulting in higher levels of carbon dioxide which plants use photosynthesis is another reason for the increasing green cover. Extra greenery tends to slow down climate change. But scientists warm this is not enough to control temperatures.



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