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With an Increase in the Environmental temperatures there is also increase in the temperature in oceans. Climate change and over fishing are destroying the livelihoods of Indian fishermen.

As a result of climate change, India’s coastal waters have warmed by 0.5°C. in the last few decades. This caused the fish populations to move to cooler waters.

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Overfishing has caused the fish to exhaust along the malabar coast. And, the anchovies fish numbers are steadily decreasing. Sardine populations have migrated. Mackerel fish which lived along the coast or offshore now occupy the deeper waters. Making them more difficult to capture.

Fishermen now have to spend more on nets, fuel, and ice. And, stay in the sea for longer. Sometimes they get smaller catches for their greater efforts. Climate change has not only affected the fish in Indian waters but globally, fish populations are migrating towards the poles. Making mess of existing fishing spots.

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If the current greenhouse gas emission levels continue to rise, About 70 countries could see migrating fish as soon as 2100. This is causing potential fishing rights disputes between countries.

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