These are some of the most astonishing facts you need to know about how badly our oceans are affected.

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1. 90% of the large fishes from our oceans have disappeared in the last 50 years.
As overfishing, pollution and warming seas is on rise.

2. We are taking seafood equivalent to the human weight of China out of the ocean every year.
That’s 80 to 90 million tonnes

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3. By 2040, there could be no sea ice in the Arctic during the summer.
The North pole has been warming twice as fast as the rest of the world for the past 50 years.

4. A third of the 78 million tonnes of plastic packaging produced every year ends up in the ocean.
And at current rates, it will be two trucks per minute by 2030.

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5. Global warming has heated the ocean by the equivalent of one atomic bomb explosion per second for the past 150 years.
And as carbon emissions have risen. Its now equivalent to between three and six atomic bombs per second.



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